Residential / Outpatient

Residential Services

Residential participants receive an individualized assessment to determine their needs and services. The program includes individual and group therapy/counseling, crisis intervention, family therapy, patient education, case management/care coordination, collateral services, alcohol/drug testing, and discharge services.

Residential halls are separated by gender, and within each residential hall, patients share common eating, recreation and group activities spaces. Up to four patients share a room, each residential room has an en suite bathroom. Our comfortable and home-like environment makes it easier for residents to commit to recovery process.

Outpatient Services

The House of Uhuru also offers an Outpatient Treatment Program for drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Patients participate in group and individual counseling sessions and access supportive services such as family therapy several times a week. Specific services and intensity of services are guided by a personalized treatment plan, based on individual need.