About Us

Our History

The Watts Healthcare Corporation (WHCC) operates the historic House of Uhuru. Housing a 66-bed residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment program, the House of Uhuru serves as one of the most significant programs of its type in South Los Angeles.

In Swahili, the word “Uhuru” means freedom. Since 1969, the House of Uhuru has assisted thousands of people to recover from their addition to drugs and alcohol. The House of Uhuru is licensed by the State of California Department of Health Care Services as an Adult Residential Alcohol and Drug Recovery or Treatment Facility. In addition the House of Uhuru is certified as an outpatient treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

Located at 8005 South Figueroa Street, the House of Uhuru houses all of WHCC’s substance abuse treatment programs which include group, individual and family therapy; parent education classes; educational and employment resources and referrals; court advocacy; outreach and follow-up services. All programs are staffed by certified and/or registered professionals and paraprofessionals with appropriate experience and training. All of the House of Uhuru treatment service programs are supported through contracts with the Los Angeles County Public Health Department Substance Abuse Prevention and Control.

Continuous Quality Improvement

WHCC’s House of Uhuru is dedicated to the practice of evidence-based health care, and we have in place a formal quality-assurance (QA) component to measure and ensure the quality and responsiveness of our services. QA efforts are overseen by the Quality Management Committee, which meets on a monthly basis to review and evaluate key indicators, including number of patients served, types of service provided, no-show rates, and demographic data.